Class Calendar 2018-2019

Date Event
09/05/18 Bring-a-Friend Night
10/10/18 Town Hall Meeting
11/21/18 Thanksgiving Party
12/12/18 Last class before break and last class of the semester
12/31/18 Hogmanay Party, co-hosted Red Thistle Dancers and Mountain View class
01/09/19 First class after break and first class of 2nd semester thru May
01/12/19 RSCDS Monthly Party, hosted by Mountain View Class
Cancelled Cupid's Bow Party - cancelled due to early date of Valentine's Ball
02/02/19 Valentine's Ball
03/20/19 Welcome Spring Dance
with live music by Lyle Ramshaw and Susan Woreland Bentley
03/27/19 Town Hall Meeting
05/29/19 Last Class Party
09/04/19 Bring-a-Friend Night

Note: while every effort is made to provide accurate info, dates and places are subject to change.

See also: SF Branch Monthly Parties and Events