What is Scottish Country Dancing?

Merrill Hall, Asilomar

Scottish country dancing is the Traditional Ballroom Dance of Scotland.

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, based in Edinburgh, was founded to preserve this joyful social dance tradition. And, it's not just for Scots ... today people enjoy Scottish Country Dancing all over the world.

Unlike Highland dances, which are usually solos to bagpipe music, we dance in sets of two to five couples. Everyone changes partners for each dance, so there's no need to bring a partner!

Merrill Hall, Asilomar

The San Francisco Bay area is home to many fine musicians. The dances vary in tempo: lively and fast paced or slow and elegant:

  • Jigs (quick time)
  • Reels (quick time)
  • Strathspeys (slow and lovely)

Fiddles and piano, along with recorders, bass, drums, and accordians are typical. Like other Celtic music, Scottish music is highly emotional - both the lively quicktime tunes and the hidden power of a strathspey will make your heartstrings thrum!

A class session

Can I Learn Scottish Country Dancing?

Yes! In addition to the Mountain View Class, the San Francisco RSCDS branch sponsors classes in San Francisco, Berkeley, Lafayette, Santa Rosa, Livermore, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Monterey. ...Everyone changes partners and makes new sets for each dance. It's a wonderful way to make new friends. It's a joyous dance form. Really, it's so much Fun!

We would love to have you join us!

How Do I Find Out More?

Look at the Welcome and Calendar pages of our site. There are other classes in the area, too. Check out www.rscds-sf.org/classes or email US. You can also join our Facebook Group - go to www.facebook.com and search for "Mountain View Scottish Country Dance Class."

Merrill Hall, Asilomar

Where Can I See Scottish Country Dancing?

Watch from the balcony at both the Fall Asilomar Ball and the February Valentines Ball. These are gala events with ladies in ballgowns and gentlemen in formal Highland wear - kilts, cutaway jackets with silver buttons, and jeweled sgian dubhs (small dirks worn in the stocking top)!

Or, go to the Highland Games. There is dancing at the the San Francisco Free Folk Festival and Campbell Highland Games in June, the Oakland Scottish Games at Dunsmuir House and Gardens in July, the Monterey Scottish Games in August, and the San Francisco Caledonian Club Highland Games in September (Labor Day weekend) at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton.

Are there links to related sites?

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